I have been coming to Falmouth for a week's holiday for more years than I care to remember (at least 30).

Cliff Rd. has been a favourite parking spot with its view of Pendennis Head and walks to Gyllingvase Beach.

It was last year that I started to notice the overnight street parking. I must say that I felt uncomfortable walking past people just waking up, getting ready for the day and having breakfast etc.

A lovely place to park had become unpleasant and it was not the sort of thing that I expected in Falmouth. I suppose I would be called snobbish for saying it is not the sort of thing I expected of Falmouth.

It lowers the tone of the area between Castle and Gyllyngvase beaches and is one of the reasons why have chosen not to visit this year and it is unlikely I will return whilst street parking continues.

Roger Cheshire

Wrekin Drive