Good on Falmouth Town Council for making valiant proposals to save the Ships and Castles and more importantly the headland. Falmouth needs a public swimming pool. To lose it would be 'Levelling Down'.

I do wonder if the county council plans wisely and spends wisely given that the council only had the Ships and Castles built in the mid 1990s - perhaps not even 30 years old. Now they are saying the building is not fit for purpose. Additionally, we had lost the pool at Tremough to the university. Before the Ships and Castles was built, the council-built "Cavalier Tavern" was demolished after about a decade!

The town council and Pendennis Leisure will be under tremendous pressure to secure the future of the existing facility within six months.

If this fails:

Firstly, Falmouth will be robbed if Cornwall Council allows Falmouth only £2 million or 50% of the net capital from the sale, ring fenced for five years. If an alternative leisure centre is not provided within the five years will the money be lost to Falmouth?

Could 'Levelling Up' funding be used to save the Ships and Castles? Our MP, Cherilyn Mackrory has spoken of her desire to use 'Levelling Up' funding for areas of her constituency other than Truro because of the amount of money already spent there. We also have the Prince of Wales Pier to think about, parts of which are reported to be crumbling.

Secondly, where on earth in Falmouth could another "fit for purpose" leisure centre be built for this miserly match-funded £2 million? Falmouth is full to bursting! Where will the proposed new, additional secondary school for Falmouth and Penryn children be built? The council has passed planning permission for every nook and cranny area for student accommodation and housing with no though to extra services required such as schools and GP surgeries. We are touching Budock and Penryn. Parking is almost impossible and it's the same in Penryn.

Thirdly, I'm worried about what could replace the facility on the headland. Will the county council permit something as awful as the flats built on the site of the Falmouth Beach Hotel which are far too close to the road and overpower the beach? These flats are not at all in-keeping with other elegant buildings along our lovely sea front all of which have lovely gardens to the road, and yet planning permission was passed,

I see that Cornwall Council looks set to be the guarantor for the £170 million re-development of Pydar Street, Truro, the developer being the council-owned company Treveth. What a world of difference between this and our Ships and Castles! The details of the backer are confidential. However, costs to be met by the council will no doubt come from all community-charge payers in Cornwall for this development, not just the residents of Truro. This is different to Falmouthians who last year paid additional costs in their Community Charge for expenses relating to our dear Princess Pavilion.

Much money was spent on Truro at the birth of Carrick DC , including multi-storey car parks, new shops and ope ways, and the now being demolished development of Pydar Street, including council offices, shops and a large, tiered car park. There was nothing comparable to this built in Falmouth. I hope the next developments in Truro lasts longer than those few decades.

Rosemary Bannister

worried Falmouth resident