It seems fairly obvious that Falmouth Town Council has a definite bias in favour of the unwashed and unwanted van dwellers along the seafront.

I am sure we would all enjoy Milo’s carefree lifestyle of a bit of work here and there, propped up by state benefits, no doubt. Well, isn’t he lucky that all of us who own houses and go to work regularly pay enormous amounts in council tax and income tax to fund his ‘freedom’.

Who would pay the bills if we all chose to doss down in tatty, ex-firm’s vans with a mattress in the back?

They are not even bona fide camper vans.......which at least have their own toilet and washing facilities.


Sea front fence to stop Fitzroy resident 'abuse and threats' would set precedent

With tourism being the only ‘industry’ left hereabouts, Falmouth needs to smarten itself up along the seafront, to attract the sort of tourist who doesn’t mind spending money. What we do not want in a prime location is a load of dossers and cheapskates hanging their washing out on the bushes and using the verges as a public toilet.

Does the Council think that visitors to the area don’t notice what’s going on?


Yours sincerely

J Higgs

By email