I love Falmouth and was lucky enough to grow up and spend whole Summers in the sea front area and around the Pendennis Headland.

In my view Falmouth has two choices, either they can allow our second homes promoting county council to sell off the Ships and Castle site, which has been deliberately neglected, and to pay Falmouth the derisory sum of two million pounds, for the loss of their control, of what could turn out to be, some of the most valuable building sites in Cornwall.

This unthinkable decision would only benefit the ambitions of the present county council, and the persons fortunate enough, to afford to buy into the unique views and situation. I.e. For the benefit of the few!

The second choice is to firmly refuse the totally inadequate offer, which would go nowhere, and to get a plan in motion, potentially, with the help of all the Falmouth lovers out there, who like me, I am sure, would be willing to donate a small monthly sum to ward off the awful consequences of doing nothing.

How about putting in a request for the two million pounds for the benefit of Falmouth, its residents and its visitors?

The eyesore of the presently -undervalued Ships and Castle building needs money spent on it, to lighten it up inside and outside, to add glass and to provide a profit -making eating place (with the pool!). A venue for Falmouth to be proud of and where the thousands of visitors will want to visit i.e. a very small dent in the county council budget and for the benefit of so many!

The choice is yours Falmouth.

Sheila Wilkes