As a regular visitor to Falmouth it has been shocking to experience first hand regular discharges of sewerage adjacent to Gyllyngvase Beach.

It seems that the smallest amount of rainfall triggers these discharges and puts swimmers’ health at risk.

The impact on what is a special marine environment is also extremely troubling. My understanding is that carbon capture sea grasses are in the bay and need protection. On regular occasions the new My Coast App helpfully informed me of the time and date of discharges and so often I had to resist a swim in Gylly- such a popular beach for locals and visitors alike.

The Safer Seas and Rivers App has also been helpful. On one occasion the life savers had to warn people in from the sea due to a particular increased risk. Such a state of affairs is shocking and disgusting, particularly given that national water companies have made a staggering 50 billion in profits for their shareholders.

It seems that SW Water, alongside all other water companies, now have until 2050 to discharge whenever they wish. I have unsuccessfully tried to seek clarification from SW Water about their specific plans to address the Gylly Beach problem in particular and I have written on several recent occasions to the local MP, Cheryl Mackrory, hoping for some vociferous support.

I await a response. In the mean time the seas suffer and sea users are restricted in their exercising opportunities.

Jane Tregoning