While the Government’s announcement that Falmouth Docks is to potentially benefit from one of its newly announced investment zones, it is not yet clear what area it will cover.

According to the government blurb, Investment Zones will benefit from: Lower taxes – allowing business to benefit from time-limited tax benefits and accelerated development – where there will be designated development sites to both release more land for housing and commercial development and to support accelerated development.

The Government says the Investment Zones tax offer will be carefully designed to encourage investment and new economic activity, supporting growth and jobs.

Now while most people would welcome investment in the docks, the fact that it nestles below Pendennis Headland raises causes for concern.

With Ships and Castles now closed and the site ripe for development, what’s to stop the Tory led Cornwall Council designating the site as part of the zone?

This would allow them to rip up any red tape and ride roughshod over the community’s call to Save the Headland and build whatever they want up there. Luxury homes? Company headquarters? Who knows.

Meanwhile the RSPB warns that the investment zones will allow the amending or scrapping crucial environmental laws, including the Habitats Regulations, which protect some of the most vulnerable wildlife and green places across England. Similar regulations that ensure clean water, beaches and rivers are also under threat according to the charity.

Going on the government’s record, what could possibly go wrong?