I AM writing to express my deep sadness and disappointment regarding the state and governance of our once wonderful town of Falmouth.

I have lived in this town for over 60 years and appreciate that change is of course required – but not at any cost. We have building on areas of land which only a few years ago would never have gained planning permission. The complexion of this wonderful town sacrificed on the altar of greed and profit.

When the development of the waterfront at Grove Place happened we were told that it would benefit the people of Falmouth and visitors.

Initially, Events Square was used successfully for various events. An ideal venue, it would seem.

Plenty of parking, a number of restaurants and bars and public loo. A good and sensible focal point. However, it has now become non-Events Square, with the events now being staged in a car park! I have not heard the reasons for this change, only rumours.

The ordinary people of Falmouth are important in effecting real change and the sort of changes which, actually listening to people, a lot of people want.

It is time for the people of this great town to be heard and have some influence on its being and future.

Concerned Falmouth resident