A CONCERNED Falmouth resident’s letter published on this here letters page last week caused quite a stir when it was put online at the weekend.

It prompted a great deal of interaction and comment on the Packet’s Facebook page and website after the writer, who chose not to be identified, lamented the decline of their town.

Many people found different reasons in the comments as to why Falmouth is going down the drain, not something the old Skipper actually agrees with.

However the main bugbear for the letter writer was so called Events Square. The owners’ reassurances that the square is available for public events, ring hollow.

As the letter writer says, when it first opened we all assumed it would be where all major events would take place and it appeared to come of age with Ellen McArthur’s triumphant homecoming and the spontaneous outpouring of grief for PC Andy Hocking.

But then, over the years, it seem excuses have been found to bar events such as the sea shanty festival and the oyster festival taking place here at all.

Rumours abound about people moving into the flats complaining about the noise (honestly why move to somewhere called Events Square if you don’t like noise?), to one claim that the Maritime Museum didn’t want the way to the entrance blocked, were all cited as reasons.

Now Events Square seems to mostly an empty space where nothing happens. What was the point of building it? In the immortal words of Johnny Rotten: “Ever feel you’ve been cheated?”