The Poly in Falmouth hoists the mainsail for a collection of costal artworks that |coincide with the Tall Ships celebrations.

Falmouth-based Al presents work that has been created during the past ten years and consists of more than 250 pieces.

These pictures are divided into sets; Moorland Magic, Cornwall Coast to Coast, and Falmouth Sketches and personal perspectives entitled, Something on my Mind.

All of these sets of pictures will also be available as books during the exhibition.

He said: “Cornwall has been of great inspiration to me throughout this past decade and many of my pictures have been directly taken from the surrounding |landscapes, skies, and the wonderful seas that encompass this green and pleasant peninsula.

“For these creative endeavours I usually paint with watercolors or simply sketch with a pencil.

“It is my hope that other people will now get as much pleasure from these pictures as I have done myself while producing them.

Al’s creative endeavors are diverse. Indeed, he not only creates a multitude of paintings and drawings he also writes |stories, poems, and songs.

The exhibition, Making Pictures runs until September 1. See