Celebrating the success of Jubilee Wharf in Penryn and supporting local businesess are just two good reasons to plan a visit to the creative arts hub on November 21.

There will also be free workshops, music sessions, art and food to entice you further.

The Winter Warm Up Open Studio event from 6pm to 9pm is a chance to peak inside the Aladdin’s cave of creative |excellence which has put Penryn firmly on the artistic map.

For the third year the creative community at Jubilee Wharf have organised the event, but new for this year will be the opening of galleries and businesses from along Penryn high street.

This year’s program includes a folk music session, where visitors are encouraged to bring along an instrument and join in with Penryn Violins. Klezmer will be putting on a performance (Alfie Gidley and friends, while there will be a print exhibition by John Howard.

Throughout the evening their will be DJ sessions ensuring that the open studios goes with a swing - there will also be a hot rum bar.

Free workshops will be held at Cyclesolutions, Sidekick Boutique, Papillon Rouge and Marraum.

Miss Peapod’s Kitchen Café: will be open for food and drinks Robotmother which owns and runs the Wharf and is based on the Brain of Brian, the converted barge moored near Miss Peapods is currently |redeveloping the Warehouse site next door, creating workspaces, building on the success of Jubilee Wharf.

For more information on the open event see www.jubileewharf.co.uk