Truro Cathedral showcases contemporary artefacts designed by second-year |students at Falmouth University until February 12.

The personal responses to Truro Cathedral - its stunning architecture, history and purpose as a place of worship – by students on the BA(Hons) Contemporary Crafts course has led to an engaging mix of small and large-scale artworks.

The course works closely with a range of partners exploring ways to engage |audiences.

Senior lecturer Jason Cleverly said: “The chance to work with the cathedral presents an amazing opportunity; it’s been a fantastic experience to engage directly with not only the cathedral building, which itself is an astonishing structure, but also the significant objects housed within.

“Many of these artifacts are fraught with fascinating stories and great metaphorical power. It’s been a really important and difficult challenge to create interpretive objects that |measure up the building, the people and things that live there. We hope you like what we’ve done.”

Kirsten Gordon, Cathedral education |officer, said: “The students’ response to their brief always amazes me; both their technical skill and their creativity is stunning. It’s always interesting to see how other people see you and the exhibition explores the building with fresh eyes and new |interpretations. We hope ‘Crafting the Cathedral’ will encourage visitors to reflect on their own interpretation of this Cathedral Church.”

One of the students involved in the project, Shannon Bartlett-Smith, has created an amazingly intricately cut paper sculpture called He Quieted the Sea with His Power (Job 26:12).

She said, “I have used a stained glass window within the cathedral depicting fishing and fishermen as my inspiration to focus on the impact that the industry has had upon Cornish history up to the present day.”

The exhibition is open daily from Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm, noon to 4pm on Sundays until February 12 with free admission.