The ever quirky cooperatively run gallery Fannie and Fox in Penryn, are holding an alternative Valentine’s evening on February, Friday 13.

Traditionally regarded as an unlucky day, it has been chosen to highlight the galleries alternative take on commercialised celebration.

Between 5 and 8pm a delicious pink |cocktail will be served alongside naughty |nibbles and there will be the opportunity to view the new window, which incorporates themes of love in its many aspects. There will be for sale beautiful gifts for your loved one to treasure forever, but there is also a twist! As we all know the road to love is seldom a smooth one and so Fannie and Fox artists will be also exploring the lesser-known Victorian tradition of the anti-Valentines greeting, whereby you can send a more tongue-in-cheek message to a loved one.

The aptly named Keri Valentine said: “We will also be having a message tree, on which you can place messages to loves lost, loves found and those still to appear in our lives, and we will also be linking up to Random Acts of Kindness week.”

Fannie and Fox would ‘love’ to greet you on Friday between 5 and 8pm. See