The Royal Cornwall Museum has expressed its bewilderment at having its funding withdrawn after an unsuccessful application for Cornwall Council's Culture and Creative Investment programme.

The museum has thanked the public for its "overwhelming" support and asked that they "show their support and fight for their museum by writing to the council" and supporting them on social media.

Cornwall Council has said that a "huge variety of organisations and groups" have successfully applied for the funding, however, concerns have been raised that institutions such as the Royal Cornwall Museum may be forced to close due to missing out on a share of the pot.

Executive Director Jonathan Morton said: "We have been overwhelmed by the support in letters, emails, phone calls and on social media following the news that Cornwall Council have decided to remove funding to Cornwall’s Museum.

"The support for the museum from people across Cornwall and beyond has been incredible and reflects how people feel about their museum.

"The Royal Cornwall Museum is a community hub – it holds the story of Cornwall, and it is a resource for the whole of Cornwall.

"We are the keepers of a million objects, manuscripts, and artefacts that document 4,000 years of our story.


"We hold the treasures of Cornwall in this building.

"We are also a centre for education - 6,000 young people from almost every primary school in Cornwall visit us every year.

"The museum is a key part of the tapestry that makes Cornwall unique and draws people, tourism and funding to Cornwall and to Truro."

Artistic Director Bryony Robins said: "We are bewildered that after supporting our transformation and being so positive about the huge developments the museum has made, the council has now done this.

"Month by month we are seeing an increase in visitors, and an increase on what we saw before Covid, despite this being a really difficult time for museums.

"To cut funding during a financial year is unprecedented and leaves us unable to approach alternative funders and facing a very real threat of closure.

"This move is even more confusing because of the level of positive support the council has shown recently, supporting us in applying for national funding and making us central to their Town Fund bid.

"We’re asking people to continue to show their support and fight for their museum by writing to the council and supporting us on social media.

"In the meantime, we will continue to seek urgent dialogue with Cornwall Council."