Cornwall Council has explained why it has given notice to a tourist attraction that says it will now have to "close forever" as a result.

Earlier today Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre announced that it would have to close as Cornwall Council had decided to terminate its lease, and had given a deadline to vacate the site by March 31, 2023.

The centre, which is home to several aircraft and operates as a tourist attraction as well as an educational centre, is currently located on land at Cornwall Airport Newquay.

It has been running for seven years and is staffed by volunteers who have helped to create an award winning attraction.

However, the centre said: “With no options for relocation and with Cornwall Council refusing to help, the Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre, the only aerospace museum in Cornwall, Devon and Dorset will have to close forever.


Now Cornwall Council has issued a statement explaining the reasons behind its decision.

It said the aviation centre had already signed a disclaimer acknowledging it would have "no right of renewal" after the lease expired in 2021.

The council added that it had a duty to Cornwall's taxpayers to "get maximum value for money" from the airport site.

It said: "Cornwall Airport Newquay is an operational airport which is vital to the region's connectivity to the UK.

"It is currently subsidised by the Cornish taxpayer and Cornwall Council is committed to develop the airport in a way which minimises this subsidy and continues to develop the site as a key part of Cornwall’s transport and business infrastructure.

"As part of this work, the council is reviewing the use of the land at the airport site to ensure the taxpayer is getting the maximum value for money from it and to increase the economic benefit and professional employment opportunities for Cornwall.


"Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre (CAHC) has been a tenant at Newquay Airport since 2015. They signed a disclaimer at that point acknowledging there was no right of renewal when its lease expired in 2021. However, in order to assist the centre to find a new site, the Council extended the lease by a further 12 months.

"Cornwall Council and Cornwall Airport Newquay are not responsible for the operation of a private business and securing a site on which to operate is the responsibility of the management of the centre.

"Cornwall Council has made it clear to CAHC that we will consider assisting them to move to a new location when a credible, costed and deliverable proposal has been developed. However, this remains the responsibility of the centre."