A team of dedicated National Trust volunteers are dusting off the binoculars and radio transmitters in preparation for re-opening the Wildlife Watchpoint and nearby Wireless Station at Lizard Point. 

The Wildlife Watchpoint is at Britain’s most southerly point, where visitors are also able to borrow binoculars and telescopes to watch the wildlife and have a chat with the volunteer team about what can be spotted nearby.

Common sightings include the popular Cornish chough with its distinctive red bill and legs, grey seals, dolphins, and basking sharks in summer.  

Falmouth Packet: The Lizard Wireless Station at Bass Point The Lizard Wireless Station at Bass Point (Image: David Sellman)

Lydia Allt, volunteering and community officer for Lizard & Penrose said: "Bringing people closer to nature is at the heart of what the volunteers do at the Wildlife Watchpoint.

“The team are passionate about showing visitors the sea birds and mammals that make Lizard Point their home and takes great pride in inspiring visitors of all generations about what can be found here."

Falmouth Packet: Cornish choughsCornish choughs (Image: Peter Hall)

The Wildlife Watchpoint is now open daily until Sunday, October 1, 11am to 3pm. 

A mile east along the coast path is Lizard Wireless Station, a volunteer-led experience and home of Marconi's first over-the-horizon wireless radio transmission in 1901. Visitors of all ages are welcome and encouraged to get hands-on, where they can discover how to send and receive messages in morse code and find out about Marconi’s technological achievements. 

Another volunteering and community manager for Lizard & Penrose, Cat Lee said: "Stepping inside the Wireless Station, you truly feel like you have stepped back in time.

“Getting hands-on with the equipment feels like an authentic connection to the past; one can almost imagine standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Marconi as he received the ground-breaking transmission, in this very building, in 1901."

The Wireless Station reopened on Sunday and will now be open Monday to Thursday each week, 12pm to 3pm, until Thursday, September 28.