On Saturday, February 24, Golden Tree Productions will be running 'Trovyans Tresor': a Cornish language treasure hunt for children and their families.

Participants will collect a Tremengumyas (passport) and mappa (map) from the Exchange Gallery- they will then take these around a number of 'treasure islands' which will be located in businesses around town.

At each stop, they will learn a specific phrase of Cornish vocabulary, in return for a stamp. Once they have collected all their stamps, they will be invited to bring mum and dad along for a bit of cakey tea at St John’s Hall.

The event is the culmination of a six week project working with local schools. Trovyans Tresor is free and open to all the family:

Trovyans Tresor

Saturday, February 24, 1-3pm

Depart: The Exchange Gallery, Penzance

Collect your Mappa (map) and Tremengummyas (passport) and set off for a voyage of Cornish Language discovery.

Bring your stamped Tremengummyas to St John’s Hall for a free Cakey Tea, 2-4pm.

Then, in the evening of Saturday, February 24, Golden Tree will be setting off for ‘Keskerdh Kana’ a Cornish Language singing expedition which will visit pubs, restaurants and other businesses around town. ‘Keskerdh Kana’ marks the end of a seven week programme of Cornish Language workshops hosted by the Admiral Benbow.