A Falmouth venue is hosting an evening of community engagement with local radio, featuring a DJ set by Nate Valentino.

Local radio station, SourceFM has organised the social meet up, which will take place on the first Wednesday of each month at Toast in Falmouth.

The event is open to everyone, including listeners to request a song or shout out, an artist to plug their new work or an enterprise wishing to discuss an interview or jingle.

The meet up events also provide attendees with the chance to find out about radio training if they are interested in getting involved in radio, and new presenters, such as David Roberts, whose weekly show Galactic Teabag started in 2015, have been encouraged to get involved in SourceFM at a similar event.

This month's social meet up provides an opportunity to put faces to the voices heard on 96.1FM, and it features live DJ music from Nate Valentino, who has played in clubs and festivals in Europe and America after his early career took off via MySpace.

Other regular social attendees include Andrew Whetter, Mollie Ann, Sophie Sweatman, Misty Wood, Myles Davies, Patrick Reyna and Simon Neild.

The next SourceFM social evening is at Toast in Falmouth on Wednesday, July 6 from 8pm to 1am.

Entry to the event is free.