The monthly Comedy Jam at Toast is set to resume on Monday, March 6, when a range of amusing acts take to the stage to entertain their audience.

Comedy Jam takes place on the first Monday of each month, and hosts a diverse group of locals, students and the occasional professional comedian.

Hosted by Graham Wilkes, the event is free of charge, but a bucket is passed round at the end of the night to raise money for various charities.

A spokesperson for Toast said: "It has been said that unpopular governments have triggered better comedy, which may be true in the light of BBC’s political satire Revolting and even a burst of topical humour in Tracey Ullman’s new series of sketches.

"Recent events and social issues have fed up a wealth of subjects for comedians, from political events through to a lighter look at stigmatised personal subjects.

"Comedians with a range of disabilities are getting up to make fun of challenges they face in today’s life, such as Penzance comic Michael Mules who works his Cerebral Palsy into his set."