Coffee Chains, an independent short film made by Penryn resident Louis Dalton, will have its premiere at the Chintz Symposium in Falmouth on July 26.

The film, which stars Megan Tremethick and Rory Wilton, is a contemporary drama dealing with themes of coffee addiction, alienation and disengagement felt by minimum wage workers in the retail industry. Becky endures another mundane shift at the Coffee Shop until a series of customers and confrontations force her to contemplate ditching her job forever.

Coffee Chains was shot entirely in Cornwall during April, featuring locations in Falmouth, Penryn and Constantine Bay. Louis Dalton has set up a production company, Inferno Switch, from scratch and assembled a local crew to create this short film using Cornish actors, including from BBC’s Poldark and Falmouth University’s film school.

Louis said: “This film was created due to my own experiences whilst working in the retail industry. I wanted to make a piece about the interactions between customer and employee, and the difficulties that can arise when an employee is dissociated with the job that they must do. We wear multiple faces in contemporary capitalism, and I just wanted to explore the character beneath the smile.”

Coffee Chains will premiere at The Chintz Symposium on High Street in Falmouth on July 26 at 6 pm. Admission is £5, and the event will also feature a music set played by Falmouth singer songwriter Toby Cook.

Tickets are available now at the Chintz Symposium or on the film's crowdfunding website at