A major spring exhibition is coming the Exchange in Penzance when it unveils Tim Shaw’s What Remains on February 8.

In a solo exhibition, the acclaimed sculptor and Royal Academician is bringing together several pieces of his work.

Tim's work is drawn from personal experience, his exhibition will feature two installations that directly address the global presence and effect of terrorism and the pervasive sense of hidden powers having control over our lives.

Mother, The Air Is Blue, The Air Is Dangerous uses video and sound to create an immersive and intense experience.

It is deeply personal work which offers a visceral insight into Shaw’s experience as a child in Belfast when he and his mother were caught in an IRA bombing.

Another installation, Soul Snatcher Possession is larger-than-life, featuring looming figures within the confines of an enclosed space, portraying an ambiguous meeting as the air is taut with menace.

What Remains is a partnership with Anima-Mundi to present Tim Shaw’s work across two sites in Cornwall during 2017/18. He held an installation, Something Is Not Quite Right at Anima-Mundi in St Ives last year.

Shaw has had many significant exhibitions in the UK, Ireland and Internationally, and has also undertaken some public commissions, many of which are in Cornwall.

He worked on The Rites of Dionysos for the Eden Project and created The Drummer on Lemon Quay, Truro.

The exhibition in Penzance runs from February 8 to May 12.