Falmouth Yoga Space on Killigrew Street is hosting the town's first ever Bhakti Yoga Festival. Known as the yoga of devotion, all proceeds from this event will be donated to Heart Research UK, a small charity that focuses on the prevention of heart disease.

Keren Cooksey’s studio has developed a huge sense of community amongst its Yogis. Whether you’re well practised or completely new to yoga, it’s a little hive of exciting types of Yoga for everyone to try.

From the ancient Sanskrit root word ‘bhav’ meaning love, bhakti yoga is accessible to everyone to develop a deep sense of connection with all fellow beings.

This event is going to be ‘magical’ say the yoga teachers involved. It is all about connecting back in with your own heart and community through bhakti infused classes including dynamic yoga, insightful meditation, chanting, workshops, food, philosophy and fun.

"We will delve deeply into what it means to share love and offerings through expression, creativity and joy," said Keren. "We are all here to shine. So, come, bring your beating heart bhakti practice to Falmouth Yoga Space and feel the power of love course through your veins and fill you to the brim. You’ll also be donating your time and ticket price to an amazing cause."

The event takes place between 10am and 5pm on Sunday, February 18. Tickets cost £20 and are available through the Falmouth Yoga Space website.