AN artist living in Penryn is staging a monstrous exhibition of figures he hand painted at the Star Glazers shop in Falmouth High Street.

The exhibition runs until the end of March. For details go to or at

"As long as I can remember I have always had a fascination with Monsters," says Sam. "From bizarre creatures of myth and folklore to grotesque aliens and fanciful sci fi robots, if it was scary, squirmy or strange I was hooked."

"Transformation is a popular subject in the world of monsters. Whether it be Fafka’s Metamorphosis into a giant insect, imagined medieval beasts or a werewolf changing under a full moon, mutations and hybrids are plentiful. I created some of these monsters by trying to imagine a different creature than the one the pottery was supposed to depict. Changing it into something else and taking on the role of mad scientist, creating gross and magnificent creatures in a lab.

"I had a wonderful time at Star Glazers painting these little creatures and I hope you enjoy them.

"Thankyou to Sarah and Maria for all their encouragement and for making every visit to Star Glazers so fun and welcoming."