A charity bike ride will recreate the historic route taken by Lt John Richards Lapenotiere, Commander of the HMS Pickle in 1805 known as the Trafalgar Way.

The Pickle Ride will start in Falmouth on May 11 and end in London on May 13, and will raise money for the charity Care After Combat, which provides support to veterans dealing with alcohol and substance abuse issues.

Organisers say that the event will "[give] our veterans that are taking part a sense of belonging they had when enlisted as they can relate to the serving personnel cycling by their side."

There will be 22 participants from the armed forces and veteran community, and the group aims to cycle over 300 miles in under 60 hours, with overnight stops along the way.

The Trafalgar Way is the historic route that Lt John Richards Lapenotiere took on his return from the Battle of Trafalgar, to deliver news of the victory of battle and of Admiral Nelson’s death to London.

At first the event was planned for eight participants, but after gaining traction on social media has grown to nearly three times its original size.

Invictus Games gold medallist Adam Clark, and CEO of Onecom and main sponsor Mr Darren Ridge will be some of the participants involved.

Care after Combat’s mission is to support veterans with alcohol and substance misuse problems and provide mentoring to reduce the criminal re-offending by former members of the armed forces.