A teacher working in Truro has made use of his lunch breaks by creating an art exhibition featuring photographs of the plant wildlife in the city's outskirts.

William Arnold, during his lunch time walks whilst working as a teacher, shot a collection of photographs that he calls Suburban Herbarium, which is now being displayed at Kestle Barton from March 24 until April 29.

On the first day of the exhibition there will be an opening ceremony that will include a talk from the artist

William said: "A reflection on contemporary notions of wilderness, building the Suburban Herbarium represents both an attempt to regain personal agency against the often alienating backdrop of the 9-5 and a celebration of the natural history of these outskirt 'landscapes of disappointment' ...

"The building sites, road verge, business parks, wasteland and identikit housing, where were it not for the necessity of stable employment nearby one would never choose to spend time."

Living and working in West Cornwall, UK, William is interested in the layers of history, human and natural that comprise the making of the landscape and the role played by the photographic surface both literally and metaphorically in recording, interrogating and representing these histories.

Kestle Barton in Helston is open 10:30am -5pm Tuesday – Sunday. Closed Mondays but open bank holidays. Admission is free and light refreshments are available.