Falmouth Art Gallery is hosting an eclectic art exhibition to celebrate the history of the Old Lemonade Factory in Windsor Quarry and the artistic endeavours that have been going on there over the years.

Featuring models of the Man Engine, free workshops, and even an Autowed machine where frugal lovebirds can get married for just one pound, the exhibition is sure to surprise and delight visitors with its quirky displays.

There will be a series of free Easter holiday art workshops from April 7-13 that allow families to have a go at some of the processes that were historically used by artists and makers in the building.

The Old Lemonade Factory, as the name suggests, was once home to Allen’s Lemonade as well as a tree nursery, and visitors can pay homage to the building’s history by taking part in workshops with names such as: inventing with The Old Lemonade Factory, tinkering about, and constructing marble runs.

With a long history of being a cheap industrial site for artists and creators, the exhibition is a great opportunity to learn about Falmouth Town’s last surviving workshop and studio space.

The exhibition runs between 10am and 5pm until May 12 at Falmouth Art Gallery, and admission is free.