The Right Now film festival is coming to The Poly on Monday with screenings chosen for their take on modern power structures and political divides.

Festival director Tom Vaughan said: “We were compelled to create a programme that brings together some of today’s biggest talking points, from the beginning of vital movements such as Black Lives Matter to the future of welfare and of course, the UK’s very own Brexit.

“We’re also thrilled to feature more young filmmaking talent than ever, with the half of the directors in the programme under 35.”

“We believe in the power film has in educating and raising awareness, and that the best films can be an informative facilitator of social change.

Brexitannia is a documentary film starring Noam Chomsky and Saskia Sassen that focuses on the stories of individual people behind one of the most divisive political decisions in recent history.

It will be screened on Monday, March 26, which will mark one year until Britain’s official EU withdrawal date in March 2019.

Directed by Timonthy George Kelly, the film has been called the first documentary of Brexit.

In its first half, the film features interviews with normal people voicing their opinions about the election, and the second half features interviews with professors and other experts.

The film aims to explore the nuances of the subject and get deeper than the black and white narrative that is often seen.

Free Lunch Society is a film directed by Christian Tod that focuses on universal basic income and will be screened on Tuesday, March 27.

With universal basic income being trialled in Scotland, the film takes a playful look at the idea and what it would mean for society.

Tickets can be booked by visiting