Emerging artists Theo Crutchley-Mack and Sam Wood are exhibiting their latest series of paintings depicting iconic scenes of Falmouth from the recent months.

Both painters have been working outdoors in and around Falmouth to build up a series of small Plein Air paintings that have been used as a starting point to develop larger and more sustained studies, all of which will be available to view on the first floor of The Poly from Tuesday July 24.

The exhibition will open on Tuesday evening from 6-9pm with complimentary drinks, and will remain open until the following Sunday July 29.

Theo Crutchley-Mack said: "Falmouth is such a vibrant and visually stimulating place that has always been high up on my list of places to hold an exhibition, especially since Woodlane campus is the very place where I learned the necessary skills to develop a painting together into a finished work."

Theo recently completed a six week residency program on the remote island of South Georgia just off Antarctica, where he completed sketches and paintings of the island's ruins for the South Georgia Heritage Trust.

He explored the asbestos-clad ruins under strict health and safety guidelines as the nearest hospital was over 900 miles away, with nowhere suitable nearby to land an aircraft.

Returning to Wales to complete the collection, his works will be shipped to the island where they will be displayed in a museum before returning for a UK exhibition in 2019/20.

At the age of 16 Theo became the first teenager to design a coin for the Royal Mint which was later released into circulation throughout the UK.

He studied BA (Hons) Drawing at Falmouth University. This locations history allowed him to develop a keen interest in ruins and abandonment, which is now linked closely to his practice.

Sam Wood was born in Newcastle and recently completed his BA in Fine Art at Falmouth University. His work emphasizes the aesthetics of modern life and has a strong sense of realism.

More of Theo's and Sam's Work can be seen on their websites: www.crutchley-mack.com www.samwoodart.format.com