Argal Lake is hosting Batty About Bats, an evening for families to see and learn about bats.

The evening will include an interesting variety of bat-themed activities for the whole family to enjoy. There will be a variety of bat related crafts and games for younger guests and as it gets darker they can experience bat detecting.

Argal Lake is a prime location for this particular activity since the lake and its surrounding areas encompasses a great range of habitats including woodland, open grassland and of course water. This gives rise to conditions that are perfect for the UK’s different species of bat, along with beautiful views.

The evening promises to be an exciting one for bat lovers. In previous years, five or six different species have shown themselves, including Daubenton’s, Noctule, Pipistrelle, Soprano Pipistrelle and the rare Nathusius Pipistrelle.

The event starts at 8.30pm on Wednesday August 1 and is run by South West Lakes Trust and Cornwall Bat Group.

It’s a late night but there’s no school the next day!

Tickets are £7 for adults, £5 for children and include hot food or a snack from the Wild Vibes Café. Availability is limited, so people keen to learn more about bats are advised to book early by visiting