A FUSION of art fired by imagination and referencing the seas, skies and cliffs of Cornwall is to be shown at the Old Lifeboat House in Porthleven in the last week of August.

The ELEMENTS exhibition is a potent mix of paintings by Barry Knight and Luke Knight, ceramics by Lesley Newman and Bryan West and hand tempered precious metal and sea glass jewellery by Shore Fine Design.

Cornish seas, skies and landscapes are interpreted by the different artists and resolved in their preferred materials using their individual skills. The wild, untamed beauty, cruelty and vitality of this special unique county have been explored. Raw sea-glass jewellery sculpted by hand speak of the power of wild seas. The paintings describe the panorama of colour and form Cornwall’s natural landscape while clay is at the heart of the county’s soul.

This celebration of Cornwall’s magnificent and powerful natural energy runs from August 25-31.