Local artist Mollie Silver will be 100 years old on August 2. Mollie is one of the founding members of the Constantine Arts Society, starting the group in the village hall in 1974.

Forty years on and the arts society is flourishing, having more than 70 members.

The group’s annual Summer Exhibition runs at the Church Hall in Constantine until August 11 and is open each day from 11am till 6pm.

It’s an opportunity to see more than 150 paintings on display for sale in oil, acrylic, watercolour and pastel.

Subjects are wide ranging from Cornish landscapes to abstract art and from digital art to sculpture and craftwork.

Mollie’s work will be on display from her own gallery in which she paints for two hours every morning.

She said: “I paint mostly in oils or pastel. Anything that catches my eye goes down on canvas or paper. Some survive and I go on painting getting exasperated and sometimes a little bit pleased.”

Mollie she will be welcoming family from Australia to celebrate her 100th birthday together.

As a special addition to the exhibition the art society members were asked to paint a post card. Each postcard created is on sale for %3 with all proceeds going to Parkinson’s UK.

Work on show includes paintings by Mel Chambers, a self-taught artist inspired by the earth, ocean, animal kingdom and her surroundings. Passionate about the environment and conservation, Mel expresses this in every aspect of her paintings and sculpture.

David Rowe uses watercolour to paint Cornwall’s boats while Suzy Maxted prefers acrylic to detail the region’s working boats.

The variety of art, sculpture and crafts on show illustrate the diversity of the group, not just in use of materials but subject matter, too.