Paul Ryan uses materials that he finds along his walks along the Penryn River and its creeks to create authentic and original art.

He incorporates screen-printed features such as diagrams of a nautical origin and marks the found wooden panels with images and words inspired by the unique materials.

The retired former head of art and design lecturer has relocated to Falmouth which has given him the opportunity to reassess his work and find new inspiration for marine art.

He said: “I am trying to convey a sense of place and the maritime activity that is associated with it. ‘Found’ materials bring a history and authentic sense of place to a piece of work. They also bring a chance element that has to be worked with, their own colours, marks, and shapes giving an inherent dynamic to be accommodated.”

Paul’s exhibition ‘100 Boats’ runs in the Spring Gallery at The Poly in Falmouth, from 13-18 August.