Generations of stories and images from time spent at the Jubilee Pool will be featured in an exhibition this summer.

The Jubilee Pool Stories project has gathered and recorded the famous lido’s stories, photos and memorabilia.

‘Jubilee Pool: Then, Now, to Come’ is the first chance to look at one of the UK’s oldest and largest salt water lidos from new angles, and explore its long-standing relationship with the community.

One of the project leaders, Artist Jane Bailey, explained:

“Coming in to this show, you will encounter a rich variety of work - from drawings and animation, to underwater photography, audio interviews, and aerial footage around the pool - all produced by the many different sections of the community that are taking part in Jubilee Pool Stories.

“What I love about this project is that everywhere we look, we keep uncovering connections to the pool and stories about it, but we also keep coming up with new questions about it.

How did Penzance come to have such a remarkable pool?”

Creative and thoughtful projects from local primary school children will be displayed alongside work-in-progress by the Jubilee Pool Stories Research Group, a group of citizen-researchers who are uncovering and presenting some of the amazing array of Jubilee Pool-related stories.

Nicki Bonell, who teaches at St Mary’s Church of England School, Penzance, said: ‘Our children loved being involved in the project, which was creative, fun and fully inclusive. They learnt about the history of Jubilee Pool and gained skills in animation. All the children genuinely surprised themselves with the quality of their art work.It will be great to take them to the gallery to see their work on display as it will really boost their confidence.”

Newly-recorded oral histories are on show and visitors are invited to share their own stories and photos.

The exhibition runs at The Exchange in Penzance from August 4 - September 22.