A SCULPTURE that’s out of this world is wowing visitors at the Eden Project’s Expedition Space programme this summer.

The seven metre wide floating moon beautifully-lit artwork features detailed imagery of the lunar surface and is one of the set pieces of the Mission to Mars experience taking visitors all the way to the Red Planet.

Expedition Space is a programme of intergalactic activities at Eden offering the chance to go on the ultimate space adventure holiday.

Space explorers climb aboard a rocket and blast into orbit, enjoying views of the moon on the way. Along the way they see the wonders of stars and galaxies and land dramatically on the Red Planet where a resident Martian expert explains what it’s like to live in the barren landscape.

Visitors can whizz down a 34 metre-long slide designed to mimic the pristine icy slopes of Enceladus, the moon of Saturn.

Virtual reality gives participants a thrilling trip across Venus’ volcanic surface

The majority of activities are included in the standard admission price. The exhibition runs until September 2.