St IVES Jazz Club is welcoming the accomplished drummer percussionist Lorraine Baker. on October 16.

She is playing her debut album Eden, which pays tribute to legendary drummer Ed Blackwell by re-arranging tunes that he famously played and adding modern compositional twists.

Lorraine said: “I have always admired the dance-like quality of Blackwell’s playing and his strong sense of melody. I wanted to create my version, taking existing tunes that featured him and reimagining the arrangements in a modern setting whilst showcasing my own style as an improviser.”

Her quartet features some of the country’s finest improvising musicians – critically acclaimed pianist and mentor Liam Noble, award-winning saxophonist Binker Golding and Paul Michael on electric bass.

The result is drum-heavy, infectious riff-based tunes, a raw fusion of progressive rock, Afro groove and swing with beautiful melodies at the heart of each.