The frontman of British rock band Terrorvision is playing The Acorn in Penzance on Monday, November 26.

Tony Wright's acoustic set is a dramatic departure from the band's upbeat pop bred from rock, funk and thrash.

"I know it is a long way from the boombastic doowops, whales 'n' dolphins, salt, lemons and limes of my past," he said, "but why make an album I'd already made, especially at a time when the tequila wasn't making me happy?”

Soul searching is key to his first album Thoughts 'n' All.

“It starts in a place I would never really want to talk about and ends in a much better place that I'd like to shout about from the highest of points.

"There was no reverb to smooth out the situation and so to anti-produce the music in this way was to try and capture the rawness of the roar."

Tickets are £14 in advance and £15 on the door.