Sausage fan or not, ‘Bangers with a Twist’ is one of Falmouth’s new exciting food venues that must be explored. Student and family friendly, this unique restaurant offers the perfect combination of burgers, bangers and beers, writes Alexandra Taylor

On entering we received an enthusiastic welcome from the brothers of the business, Dean and Lee Pointon. After chatting for only a few minutes they had convinced us.

Their passion for sausages was infectious. We were hooked and wanted to know more about their gourmet bangers and burgers.

The menu covers everything, from the regular Lincolnshire pork sausage named ‘Bangers Dog’ to a range of vegetarian dishes including the ‘Snoopy Dog’.

All sausages are flavoured with carefully selected herbs, spices and mixed with unique ingredients and toppings, giving that extra twist. Every sausage is hand-made on site with locally sourced produce. There is also a range of Cornish drinks, beers and ales from local Cornish brewers such as Skinners and Black Flag Brewery alongside barista-style coffee.

Inside there is an eclectic mix of soft leather sofas, colourful wooden chairs, with the choice to dine both upstairs and downstairs in the spacious basement and walled garden. The atmosphere is vibrant and relaxed; the perfect student setting. They are offering live music, mainly acoustic but also jazz, plus quiz nights. Already they have three resident acts, Holographic Leather Jacket, jazz band Go Next! and the rising star Robbie Sinclair.

Coming soon will be the outdoor cinema with classics such as Ferris Bueller and Easy Rider.

With 15% student discount, Dean said: “We think the students are going to love us, after all we have location, the look, live music and we sell beer”.

Lee is somewhat of ‘the sausage expert’. He spent the last ten years in Stockholm, Sweden, starting as a sausage manufacturer for Taylor and Jones, before going on to help run the firm’s restaurant Taylor and Jones with a Twist. Inspired, Lee returned to England earlier this year and together with Dean opened Falmouth’s very own ‘Bangers with a Twist’.

Bringing this talent to the streets of Falmouth, the restaurant will be offering banger making courses for foodies, parties, team building for businesses as well as Christmas parties.

All is kicking off this weekend as hen night comes to join in the sausage fun. The parties will also get to taste and enjoy their cooked banger creations in a delicious restaurant meal.

Lee said: “It is obviously great fun, but also the combinations are always interesting, they nearly always want to add alcohol”.

The season has been great so far, instead of a 'normal' opening and summer season, the pair have seen extreme highs with Falmouth Week, Tall Ships and with only the expected in between drops in traffic. Now they are gearing up for the return of the students who will love every aspect of the place.

‘Bangers with a Twist’ will also be offering exhibition space for local artists and students. Currently on display are pieces by the Pointon brother’s mother, and photography by their brother Dale. Those interested in hosting an exhibition should contact the restaurant.

As if this wasn’t enough, you can also catch up with ‘Bangers On the Go’ at the university campus in Penryn every Friday during term-time between 10am to 5pm offering a selection of gourmet hotdogs, hand-crafted burgers and vegetarian options For more information see or call 01326 619149.