I’ll lay my cards on the table and say the word carvery is always a winner with me; after all what could be better than being presented with an array of delicious dishes and being told to help yourself? So when I was invited to try the Norway Inn’s carvery I was delighted.

So with family in tow, we headed over for a Sunday treat.

The Norway Inn is all you can expect from a traditional Cornish inn: inviting on the outside and rustic, cosy and welcoming on the inside. Crossing the threshold I discovered the Norway Inn prides itself on choices.

First choice: restaurant (with table service) or the bar for your meal? Both have their equal charms – the restaurant light and airy, the bar with heavy low beams making your Sunday roast feel all that more cosy and wintery.

As we had Little Miss in tow we opted for the informal feel of the bar. On spotting their little guest our waitress quickly gave us another choice (although this one was not hard at all). “Would you like some smaller cutlery?” When the toddler equivalent of the crown jewels arrived she was delighted to have a ‘grown up’ fork and spoon, a nice touch that means a lot to parents and is so easy to do.

So with no menu to peruse (we knew where we were heading) I went to the bar - for |another vast array of choices - ales, ciders wine and spirits. As a tee-totaller I am usually faced with the same old deliberations, coke, fruit juice or squash – not very exciting. Not today however, with a choice of Frobishers fruit juices, and Fentimans botanical brews which come in flavours such as Rose Lemonade, Cherry Tree cola and mandarin and Seville orange.

So on to the main event, the carvery itself. The thing that made me notice the level of choice on offer at The Norway was when I was offered sirloin beef. Would I like rare or well done? Such a |simple choice, but it is one that can make such a big difference to your enjoyment of a roast – my well done piece was thickly sliced yet still succulent and flavoursome.

This week’s choice of meat was pork, ham or beef – but give a friendly smile and you can have a bit of all three. Well, it would be rude not to try it all. Add in a massive Yorkshire pud and some crispy potatoes and you have the corner stone of a good hearty dish. There was a good variety of veg from cauliflower cheese to cabbage topped off with a selection of sauces from horseradish to apple and mustard.

Now, if there is a finishing touch to a good roast it is lashings of gravy – and there was plenty, great in flavour and just thick enough to round it off perfectly.

In the wake of defeat (eyes too big for our bellies) we had to pass on dessert – so of course I’ll have to return to try that another time...

Full and very happy, all that was left was to head home for a little snooze. However, if you can’t make it that far, The Norway Inn also has very comfy bed and breakfast rooms...

See www.norwayinn.co.uk or call 01872 864241.