I went to see Peace at the Princess Pavilion in Falmouth with no real preconceptions of the band apart from hearing their latest single Money on the radio and a TV appearance on Jools Holland’s Later.

Touted as the next best thing in some circles (uninspired copyists by others) Peace proceeded to blow the roof off the venue on Wednesday night.

Despite the hall being only half full (a recurring theme for gigs in Cornwall at the moment) the small but enthusiastic and vocal crowd were treated to a master class in rock nonchalance.

The band's schtick is very much nineties era Britpop, with a charismatic frontman in Harrison Koisser coming off as a cross between Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler from Suede.

Harrison Koisser is the centre of attention with his mixture of camp and rock god poses meaning your eyes are constantly on him.

This, unfortunately, means the rest of the band tend to become his sidesmen, but this doesn’t detract from the heavy sound produced by his brother Samuel on bass and second guitarist Douglas Castle. Drummer Dom Boyce is a tour de force, his powerful drumming at times reminiscent of John Bonham in its force.

While they may not be peddling anything new (they even look like they're from 1991), the glam rock powerchords, the baggy basslines and the guitar wig outs mean they are an exciting prospect live.

Give it a few years and they may well headline Glastonbury’s main stage. They certainly have someone with the stage presence in Harrison. Anthems such as Float Forever are just crying out for a festival crowd. Anyway they could be a no worse choice than Metallica.