Standing out of previous famous Tuareg bands, the power trio Ezza transforms and brings their musical traditions off the usual path, blending modern rock sounds, African pulse, rhythmic trances and relentless groove.

The band appeared two years ago at a packed Mono, and return to the town for a performance at Falmouth Rugby Club on Thursday.

Ezza, whose members hail from France, Algeria and a Saharan tribe called the Tuareg, take their name from the last letter of the Tifinagh alphabet, the symbol of the free man and of resistance.

Coming from a family of Tuareg blacksmiths in Niger, front man Goumour 'Omar' Adam has said to have immersed himself among Tuareg musical icons before moving to Toulouse where he formed the band with bassist Menad Moussaoui from Algeria, and French drummer Stéphane Gratteau.

The group's three-piece dynamic has been noted for producing a more contemporary sound than many of their peers, ushering in the next generation of North African rock and roll while still maintaining the detail and beauty of the likes of Tinariwen and Ali Farke Touré.

Doors open at 7.30pm, and tickets are on sale in Jam or Hand in Falmouth or online at