The Halloween Masked Ball calls all ye sinners, in the name of indulgence, to make thy transgressions public this Hallowe'en.

For this year the Hallowe'en Masked Ball is celebrating its seventh year of sin by adopting the seven deadly sins as its theme, for a night of unparalleled excess.

It’s written that the seven deadly sins - pride, envy, gluttony, sloth, lust, greed, wrath - form the most repugnant mankind’s habitual wrongdoings. But for the Halloween Masked Ball, the seven sins will set the tone for a maze of mesmerising and sensually curated venues.

This year there are numerous new areas for creatures of the night to discover among more than a dozen curated venues, including two stages making their debut - The Altar, featuring live music and performance played from a skull DJ box, and the Sin Stage, a journey into techno madness fronted by techno pioneer Dave The Drummer.

After the screaming success of last year’s Halloween Masked Ball, which saw more than 5,000 fearsome freaks descend upon the working theme park of Flambards, the Masked Ball crew have taken their annual fright night to new levels of surreal misadventure.

Masked Ball director Kelvin Batt said: “We’re looking forward to the new areas with more bands appearing on the bill. These, and other added, extras will make a difference to everyone’s Halloween experience.”

Also new this year is Sloth – a bedouin shisha chillout lounge offering a respite from the chaos and carnage, and the camping area has been enlarged and extended to enable more people to stay over, with the facilities open until 5pm the next day.

One new addition to the theme park, sure to extract screams from the boldest adrenaline junkies, is Sky-Force, a 25 metre tall, three G-force exerting, 360 spinning ride.

There are more than 100 acts at the Halloween Masked Ball, including the roaming theatre acts - although, due to the effort taken with the fancy dress, it’s often hard to determine who is an act and who isn’t.

Other venues fashioned on the seven deadly sins include regular stalwarts Durty Disco presenting Gluttony and Fangz hosting the cheesy '80s hits for Envy.

Kelvin added: “What the team has provided for £50 is fantastic value for money with acts, rides and camping at an event that goes on all night.”

The Masked Ball is a walk on the wild side and boasts a strong and varied musical line-up, set among a myriad of curated, stunning venues. The party is a strange and surreal sideshow of fairground follies, rock ‘n’ roll posturing and freakshow craziness, all waiting to be discovered in a nocturnal theme park where strange things happen.

The Hallowe'en Masked Ball takes place at Flambards from 6pm on Saturday, October 28. There will be no tickets on the door. For tickets, information and transport go to