The perfect sound for Halloween, Olive Haugh is playing the Fish Factory in Penryn On Wednesday, October 31.

Olive’s hauntingly powerful music will create a fittingly dramatic evening. A powerful mix of punk and folk streams from this gifted singer songwriter, delivered through a captivating voice and autoharp.

The dark tales she weaves couldn’t better be suited to Halloween. She writes dark folk songs inspired by the gothic portraits she drew for her degree at Falmouth University.

Lyrics and music are bound together in mesmerising ways, keeping the listener absorbed in this fascinating fantasy world.

In explanation of her dark art Olive says: “I use music as a tool to channel subconscious emotions and tell stories in the most immersive way that I can.”

She is working with on a new five track EP with producer Charlie Francis who worked with REM in the 90s. The album is expected to be finished in late spring and it promises to be as emotionally compelling, if not more so, as the music we’ve already heard from her.

Born in Bristol, Olive considers Falmouth to be her home. She is releasing her new single Emma on Halloween and you could be the first to hear it at the Fish Factory gig. Wednesday promises to be the spookiest of fright fests with this bewitching musician.