You shall go to the ball this Christmas, or at least you should, as Miracle Theatre present Falmouth with a Cinderella at once modern and incredibly traditional.

The show mixes good old Victorian style theatrics - rickety stage pulleys and gunpowder fuelled special effects - with a postmodern twist which allows theatregoers to see through the spectacle to the 'backstage' behind.

Like all the best pantomime it works on more than one level, toeing the line between risqué and downright rude. The children roared with laughter at the slapstick antics of the Ugly Sisters, but lines about Prince Nearly Charming's 'enormous balls' sailed clear over their heads. One quip about the women ending up destitute - "Oh, I would never stoop that low" - clearly passed many adults by as well.

The stage within a stage concept, using a sheer black curtain to half reveal the faux-Victorian stagecraft with all it's mess and mishaps, means you can never be quite sure whether any onstage accidents are planned or not. Discussion at the Packet reveals at least some incidents at the opening night were not repeated later on, and the pitch perfect panto acting combined with quick ad-libs and asides will keep you guessing to the end.

A surprise hit comes in the form of Cedaria, a sassy, strutting rat and Cinders' best friend, whose bin-raiding antics keep adults and children alike amused, as well as proving crucial to the plot when the time comes.

Add to that an anti-social Prince who's scared of his subjects and a Fairy Godmother with a wand on the fritz, and you have a recipe for disaster of the most entertaining kind.

The Miracle team have taken what is at heart a love story, added their own unique magic and whisked it anarchically together to create a panto treat for everyone. It's well worth enduring the inevitable "he's behind you" moments, and there is a twist involving a tangerine that is quite unique.

Miracle have created an alternative pantomime experience fit for a princess, but available to all.

Adult seats £15, Under 16’ s £10 and Family Ticket £40 (only available when booked in advance) plus festive meal deals and group booking discounts available, book early to avoid disappointment! Call Princess Pavilion, Falmouth Box Office: 01326 211 222 or book online:>