Wisdom Of A Fool is an emotionally moving show, written by and starring Jack Lane, that takes audiences back in time to the 1950s to experience a story of inspiration, triumph, and one man’s will to be extraordinary against all odds.

A star of 1950s British stage and screen, the legendary Norman Wisdom packed theatres across the UK and won the hearts of millions, remaining to this day one of the country's comedy icons. The world of post-war music hall and variety embraced his trademark manic slapstick routine and catapulted him to stardom. Success on the silver screen solidified his fame and Charlie Chaplin described Wisdom as his favourite clown. But, as everyone knows, fame comes with a cost.

While taking on the persona of thirty different characters in this tour de force performance, Jack Lane takes us through a journey of the hardships of Norman Wisdom, who endured living in the streets of London as a young boy, before transforming himself into an absolute comedic sensation with his iconic character, Norman Pitkin.

Wisdom Of A Fool leaves audiences on the edge of their seats, as Jack Lane brings to life the man who truly did it all, from becoming the British Army’s flyweight boxing champion in the 1930s and dominating the British film industry in the 1950s with his first motion picture Trouble in Store and hit song Don’t Laugh At Me.

The costume featured in Wisdom Of A Fool actually belonged to Norman Wisdom himself, and has been generously loaned to the production by his children, Nicholas and Jacqueline Wisdom.

Wisdom of a Fool will be at the Hall for Cornwall in Truro on Wednesday, October 25. Tickets go on sale soon at hallforcornwall.co.uk or on 01872 262466.