A Penryn based theatre company will present two plays exploring the impact and experience of dementia with performances in Falmouth and Penryn.

Az2B theatre company will be performing Grandma Remember Me? in collaboration with Gill Grant and the Penryn Memory Café and St Budock Parish Church, and What do you see? with The Poly in Falmouth.

Both plays were developed to be accessible for a diverse range of audience as an innovative and empathetic way to understand dementia. They engage the audience on an emotional level, creating a legacy by influencing behaviour and invoking empathy.

Grandma Remember Me? is written from the perspective of a young child, Lilly, whose grandma develops Alzheimer’s disease. It explores their changing relationship from Lilly’s initial recognition there is something wrong with her grandma through the unfolding challenges and final acceptance and understanding of the disease.

The play shares the wider impact of dementia on families and the need for support, empathy and greater understanding within our communities. It shows how it is possible to live well with dementia, navigating the importance of memories and relationships within our lives through an emotive, realistic and absorbing tale.

Grandma Remember Me? has had five national tours, been performed twice at the Houses of Parliament and taken to India in 2014, supported by Alzheimer’s Disease International.

What do you see? acts as a companion piece to Grandma Remember Me? following the later stages of dementia and end of life care. Marshall Joan’s Care Home has just failed it’s CQC inspection with de-motivated staff, no stimulation and a culture that lacks care. But with a change in ownership and a new management team, are things are about to change?

What do you see? explores the importance of life histories within person centred care, challenges taboos around death and shows how advance care planning creates empowerment and choice. It shows how good leadership and empathetic management can turn a care home around, establishing a culture of care and a positive environment for both residents and staff.

Grandma Remember Me? will be performed at the Temperance Hall in Penryn on November 13, tickets cost £2 and information is available by emailing Gill Grant on gagrant69@gmail.com.

What Do You See? will be at The Poly on November 15, tickets cost £8, or £7 concessions on 01326 319461 or from thepoly.org/whats-on/theatre