An animation classic that spans the world, told through the prism of the Arabian Nights, is coming to Devoran this month.

The Adventures of Prince Achmed will be brought to the village hall by Carn to Cove, on November 19, with live musical accompaniment.

The fairy-tale film, based on the tales of the Arabian Nights, is one of the oldest surviving feature films and still stands as one of the great classics of animation.

For the Devoran event, musician Chris Davies will reinvigorate the film with his own composition, performed live using a spectacular array of instruments from around the world to accompany Prince Achmed’ s journey from the Middle East to China, and beyond.

Mark Shapiro of international animation company Studio Laika said: "It's as if you're watching the film as it should be viewed: in the 1920s. His accompaniment is a work of art in itself. I recommend it wholeheartedly."

The Adventures of Prince Achmed will be at Devoran Village Hall on November 19 at 2.30pm, and information and tickets are available on 01726 897500 or at