Celebrated artist and academic Sonia Boyce will visit Helston this week to discuss her films at CAST Film Club.

On Friday, November 10, she will introduce a free screening at CAST, followed by a Q&A with programme curator Kelly Taylor.

Sonia Boyce's work involves a variety of media, such as drawing, print, photography, film, and sound. With an emphasis on collaborative work, she works closely with other artists, often involving improvisation and spontaneous performance. She has exhibited extensively in the UK and internationally and was recently selected to create a public artwork to run along the Elizabeth Train Line in Newham, London - one of the longest artworks ever commissioned in the UK, which will be unveiled in early 2018.

This presentation of Sonia Boyce’s work is the second in a new season of CAST Film Club screenings, the successful programme of artists’ film screenings launched in 2015. The programme on Friday will include three films. For You, Only You explores the boundary between classical music and sound art, arranging an unlikely meeting between an early music consort, Alamire, and a contemporary sound artist, Mikhail Karikis. Oh Adelaide, a collaborative work with sound artist Ain Bailey, incorporates found film footage of the 20th century jazz singer and entertainer Adelaide Hall and re-imagines this in order to address questions relating to the representation of the female black body. Exquisite Cacophony is a vocal improvisation between Minneapolis-based indie rapper Astronautalis and Elaine Mitchener, a classically trained vocalist.

CAST Film Club is a free event, all are welcome and there is no need to reserve a seat. The screening begins at 7.30pm. CAST Café will offer a £6.50 supper before the screening, from 6.30pm.

Information at c-a-s-t.org.uk/event/sonia-boyce-screening-qa