Following a highly successful run at Edinburgh Fringe 2017, Joe Sellman-Leava’s highly-acclaimed one man show Monster embarks on an exciting UK tour in the new year and will be coming to Constantine.

Monster is a dark but humorous exploration of gender and masculinity - with intimate storytelling at its heart. It

looks at a young man’s struggle to make sense of love and anger.

With its examination of male attitudes towards women, and male role models celebrated in society, the play has gained new relevance since its Edinburgh debut in the wake of recent sexual assault allegations against a string of celebrities. Monster importantly sheds light on our perceptions of gender, violence and aggression.

Experimenting with form, Joe Sellman-Leava’s performance includes a play within a play, and a narrative split across multiple characters and timelines converging at the play’s climax. Playing with the very premise of presentation and performance, the play features the words and personas of known figures including Mike Tyson and Patrick Stewart.

Sellman-Leava has previously had phenomenal success with Labels, which has been touring nationally and internationally since 2015 and won a Scotsman Fringe First. Monster was critically acclaimed during its Edinburgh Festival Fringe premiere in 2017, and is going to VAULT Festival in January.

Monster will be at the Tolmen Centre in Constantine at 7.30pm on Sunday, January 14.