In an interview with the Packet before the release of his latest film Welcome to Curiosity, Director Ben Pickering said: "The Cornwall of Welcome to Curiosity is quite a dangerous place. If you were unlucky enough to live in Curiosity your life expectancy wouldn't be as long as it is in Falmouth, I hope."

After the film's Cornish premiere at Truro's Plaza Cinema last night (Wednesday June 6), it can safely be said that the fictional town of Curiosity is not the kind of place that you would want to find yourself.

In four interwoven storylines that follow a serial killer, violent gangsters, an escaped mental patient and a salesman who picks up a dangerous hitch hiker; the film's creators depict a world where there is a threat around every corner.

A highlight was Richard Blackwood's performance, who lit up his first scene and captivated throughout. In a Q&A session after the film, writer Darren Ripley explained that Blackwood landed his role as Vincent Hubbard in Eastenders after casting directors had seen his audition tape for Welcome to Curiosity, and it's easy to see why they were impressed.

Terry Sweeney is equal parts entertaining and menacing in his role as a happy-go-lucky hitman, and St Austell local Finn Corney's talent defied his years as he held his own alongside more experienced actors, being just 12 when the film was shot.

The film had some darkly funny Tarantino-esque moments including a scene where a man is graphically beaten to death with a leg of lamb, and even though the violence was over the top, it was clearly a deliberate choice and didn't feel out of place in the film's universe.

Welcome to Curiosity was well shot, with impressive aerial footage of Cornish landscapes interspersing shootouts in country lanes. The way that the film is colour graded gives it a somewhat edgy look and reminds viewers that it is set in a version of Cornwall that is more sinister than the stereotypical picturesque holiday spot.

Some of the minor characters didn't give the strongest performances, and although the multiple storylines were interesting it was at times difficult to follow how they tied together. Ben Pickering admitted in the Q&A that budget restrictions meant it was impossible to shoot certain crossover scenes between the different storylines which might have made the plot a little neater.

For a film that was shot on a miniscule budget (£200,000) and faced significant production issues, not least the director being sent to prison for three years, Welcome to Curiosity was an ambitious project that holds its own as an entertaining watch.

Cornish film buffs should definitely check it out, if for nothing else then to see familiar spots like Truro Cathedral and the River Fal being depicted in the twisted world of the creators' imaginations.

After a difficult few years, Ben Pickering has finally come full circle with the film after its Cornish premiere in Truro.

At the premiere on Wednesday (June 6), he said: "It's been nice to complete this journey here of all places."

Welcome to Curiosity is available now on streaming services including Itunes and Amazon, and DVDs/Blurays can be pre-ordered on Amazon for release on June 18.