A THEATRE production that follows the exploits of escaped robbers from the notorious great train robbery of 1963 will be showing at the Tolmen Centre in Constantine.

The great train robbery was an infamous heist in which £2.6 million was stolen from a Royal Mail coach by a 15 member gang in 1963.

Four train robbers were never caught. What if the anonymous four were women, hired to clean the robber’s hide-out? After all in 1963 who would suspect a woman? Using a raucous combination of physical theatre, live music and clowning Scratchworks uncovers the truth about history’s forgotten women.

Scratchworks’ production has been hailed for its minimal style where the four performers carry the show through sheer talent without the use of many props, scenery or an extensive cast.

The twitter response has been massively positive.

One person wrote: “The beautiful women from @ScratchworksC made a show. It was wonderful and a delight. Go and see it! That is all.”

“Great to see @ScratchworksC at #nmtoutpost last night. It fizzed from start to finish!”

The performance is at 7:30pm on Saturday June 16 at the Tolmen Centre, and will be the last offering from Scratchworks until Autumn.