This summer visitors to the Minack Theatre are being treated to an insight into the mind of the man that carved the magical amphitheatre from the cliffs.

Billy Rawlings was employed as a gardener and handyman by Rowena Cade, who owned Minack House for 40 years.

Local actor and drama teacher Mark Harandon has re-created the character of Billy by meeting the people that knew him. Throughout the summer months Mark is leading visitors around the famous theatre as Billy, telling stories and reminiscing about how the theatre was built.

Beginning in 1931, Billy and Rowena moved endless granite boulders and mounds of earth. Helped by his brother-in-law Billy built seats out of granite and placed them in the ring that is still there today.

Rowena has written that Billy “practically made the Minack single-handed, with only the aid of a tough, ageing woman, his employer and friend. He was quick, strong and courageous. Once set on a thing he was hard to stop, even if it appeared to be dangerous”.

Mark’s retelling of this gargantuan feat takes 20 minutes and is free.